Exhaust Arrives, Brake Fluid, & Prepping for Paint

It is amazing how when you work on your project, you make progress!

The exhaust arrived so we temporarily fit it onto the engine. IMG_2114

Really nice welding on the exhaust.IMG_6938

With exhaust in place, we could start drilling the holes for routing our throttle and mixture controls through the firewall.IMG_2117

It is starting to gets a little tight at this point.IMG_2118

All the brake lines are in so it is time to add the brake fluid.  Tracy brought this handy little pump to do the job.IMG_2121

The extension just slips over the valve.IMG_2125

You want to make sure you take steps to keep any leaking brake fluid away from the brake pucks.   Hence all the paper towels.IMG_2128

Here comes the brake fluid.IMG_2131

All done and the brakes held!  Check one more item off the list. IMG_2132


I worked on installing the GPS antenna on the top of the fuselage.IMG_2135

Nice, clean installation.IMG_2137

And Judy masked it off for paint.IMG_7050

We are pushing really hard to get the parts ready for painting so we had a session of just Scotch Briting.

Jerry, Charlie and Tim are scuffing away.  (The smile is really just for the camera, this is a dirty job.  Not the most enjoyable job, but necessary).IMG_6899

Jerry wet sanding the fiberglass wingtips with 350 grit paper.IMG_6901  IMG_6954

Judy has done more than her fair share of Scotch Briting.IMG_7012

Jim got the short end of the stick and worked on the belly.IMG_7025

I did mention it was a dirty job, didn’t I?IMG_6968



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Brake Line Installed, Panel Painted, Getting Ready for Paint

Slow and steady wins the race….

We installed the brake line from the brake to the master cylinders.  To secure the brake line, Zenith supplies a nice piece that gets attached to the rear of the gear leg.  We decided to glue it to the leg using Scotch-Weld epoxy adhesive.IMG_2075

We also ran a bead of black silicon in the very bottom grove to hold the brake line in place and prevent wear.IMG_2076

To hold it all together while it cured we used clamps and tape.IMG_2078

Hopefully this will work out.IMG_5593

Panel is back from painting and looks really nice. (The good news).  Also have the center console in place.IMG_6232

The bad news is we still have a lot to hook up.  What a rats nest.  I promise it will get cleaned up.IMG_6233

Matt did the final riveting on the seat structure and baggage area.IMG_6423

Jerry wrapped up rigging the controls so now it was time to remove the parts for paint.IMG_6477

Off come the wings.IMG_6499

Tail and wings removed in preparation for painting.  I must say it looks a lot better all put togetherIMG_6573

Until next time.

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Wings Back On, Details Wrapped Up

A lot of little items are getting done.  They are all necessary to getting an aircraft completed.

Kyle is happy to have finished the construction of the cabin heat box kit.  IMG_4157

Here it is installed on the firewall.IMG_4654

Matt worked to get that last box installed on the firewall.IMG_4191Here we have all three black boxes permanently mounted on the cabin side of the firewall. IMG_4216

Judy removed the slats and prepped them for paint by scuffing up the surface with Scotch-Brite.IMG_4601

Judy also cleaned off all the Sharpie marks from the gear legs.IMG_4501

Jerry showed Tim’s grandson Caden how to rivet.IMG_4176

We need to finish up the root faring on the left wind so it was time to put it back on.  Matt and Jerry move it into position.IMG_4505

This is where having a lot of hands makes it easy.IMG_4532

Jerry using his head!IMG_4514

Matt updrilled the shoulder harness attach points.  Details, details.IMG_4643

Until next time.

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FAA Registration In Hand, Two Boxes Installed

The FAA paperwork is divided into two steps:  1. Registration and 2. Certification.  It is a confusing process that can really drag out if you make any mistakes.  You can’t get to step two until step one is complete.  To make it easier we created the EAA Amateur-Built Certification Kit which I recommend to everyone.  It includes a step by step booklet, FAA forms, Experimental sticker, placards and a dataplate.  It is a real value for $12.99.

I was a bit concerned about the registration process because I usually recommend sending in the registration paperwork 90-120 days before you arrange the airworthiness inspection/certfication.  I felt we were cutting it a bit close if we made any errors.  I followed the booklet step by step and mailed in the registration on 2-17-2014.  I’m pleased to report that I received the hard copy back on 3-12-2014.  Step one complete!

If you are approaching this stage in your project, I’ll be presenting a forum on E-AB Registration and Certification at Sun n Fun 2014 at 9am in Paradise City.  I hope you can make it or at least stop by the EAA tent at SNF to say hi.  We will have the E-AB Certification kits on hand if you need one.


Kyle worked on the cabin heat box kit.IMG_2399

Judy spent the evening scuffing up the wings with Scotch-Brite in preparation for painting.  A dirty job without a lot of action but necessary.  To combat the boredom, she decided to write her name with Scotch-Brite.   IMG_2446

Since Judy didn’t have the most exciting job, I taught her a little “AN hardware 101″ so that she learned something about aircraft construction.  Here I’m showing her how to use an AN bolt gauge.IMG_2429

By the end of the evening we did get two of our three Dynon SkyView boxes permanently mounted in place.  One more to go.Boxes

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Paint Scheme, Motor Mount and Black Boxes

Last week I promised I would share the paint scheme, so here you go.  We are paying homage to Paul Poberezny by using the same colors and look as his prototype Acrosport.  Zenith Staff Build Paint Scheme

In fact, when I went digging to find the exact colors, Sue from the EAA Library unearthed this note from 1990.  Poly-Fiber supplied the exact color codes from 1990.

Acrosport Colors

The motor mount came back from painting a nice B-17 silver.IMG_1824 IMG_1838 IMG_1851

We went with the all metal stop nuts for the mount rather than the nylock style since it is in the high heat environment.  Kyle snugged them down and then torqued them.  Motor mount is on for good now.  Check it off the list!IMG_1891


Matt finished up the torque tube installation.IMG_1856

Riveted and bolted.  Check that off the list!IMG_1876

In this neck of the woods, cabin heat is a necessity.  We ordered a heat box kit from Aircraft Spruce.  I got Kyle started on getting it assembled.IMG_2068


Jim started in on the center console.IMG_2009

The Dynon SkyView has a number of black “brain” boxes that feed the display.  Tom and Tracy are unpacking them and determining which one does what.IMG_1773

We settled on where to mount the boxes and started in. IMG_2060 IMG_2059

By the end of the night, we had three cleco’d in place.IMG_2115Until next time…

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