Trim tab and the elevator meets the horizontal stabilizer

With the end of a section of the airplane nearing completion, everyone is excited about moving on to the next part, the wings. Before we get there though, the trim tab and servo motor had to be mounted, and then the elevator has to be mated to the HS.

On Saturday the 3rd, we had a fairly small crew for the session, but working on small parts such as the trim tab and servo motor were welcome for the size group.

Yours truly happened to walk in to a few shots on this particular day (the guy in the tan hat).

Once the trim tab had been drilled in place, it was time to rivet…and there are always plenty of hands grabbing for the air riveter!

Riveting complete, and we have a finished elevator!

Our Wednesday build session saw a very large group out to the hangar, and we all had a great time. While the plan for the evening was to finish out the trim tab servo and get the elevator mated up to the HS (and perhaps start on the wings!), we ended up a bit short because of a penny part. More on that in a second.

We got the trim tab servo mounted after measuring and drilling the holes as Jim shows us here.

After the servo was riveted in place, it was time to mate the elevator to the HS. We will wire the servo later. This was a big moment bringing two major pieces together for the first time.

Getting the elevator lined up and matched up after some trims where made…it’s coming together…

…until we got to the center hinge. All the hardware was there, except the penny part. The steel bushing for the AN3 bolt. It’s on the packing slip, and I know I had seen the baggy with the part number, but it was no where to be found. We all looked…

We did get the end plate hinges drilled and riveted in place, but we had to stop at this point about half hour from the end of the scheduled time. Not enough time to move things off the table and set out wing parts. So I ordered a replacement bushing, and we’ll get back to it next time!

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