Empennage done, on to the wings!

Last week we ended our Wednesday session a bit early because we couldn’t find the bushing for the elevator center hinge. I immediately ordered a new one from Zenith, but while waiting for the part, I decided to take some time on Friday morning during a vacation day from the office and head in to town to the Weeks hangar to work on a couple of things that required some concentration. One being making a bushing for the hinge because we weren’t sure it would arrive in time for Saturday’s build session (it arrived Monday, thanks Roger!), and the other was to drill a 1/16″ hole in each end hinge pin…a pin that is 3/16″ in diameter, and steel. The bushing took 4 tries to get it to the proper width, and I only broke one 1/16″ drill bit drilling the two holes for the cotter pins. Working solo on a those two things proved worthwhile because it took a couple of hours.

Center hinge-

End pin, drilled and cottered-

So with that done, our Saturday session began with moving the empennage up to the storage loft in the hangar next door. The obligatory rudder/HS/elevator shot happened there.

After clearing and cleaning the workbench, we brought the cleco’d left wing skeleton off the wall hanger to begin working on it. Mini ribs and nose ribs were drilled, doublers were found and drilled, and colorful cleco pics abounded.

Recognize this guy???

John, Jennifer, and Matt align the rear spar doubler and drill it in place.

And a couple of us (me and Hal) were feeling a bit artsy that morning, and pictures like this one started showing up.

At the end of this work session, we realized that there were only a couple more steps to the end of this chapter, and skinning the skeleton would be around the corner! But first, we do all of this over again on the right wing.

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