Riveting wing skeletons

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, but we have only worked two sessions since then because of the Thanksgiving holiday last week. Progress has just been outstanding on the wings though!

On Saturday the 17th, we had a very energetic group work on the left wing skeleton.

The skills the builders are learning are starting to become second nature at this point, and watching the progress unfold in front of me is a lot of fun, both from a project standpoint, and seeing the new skills being put to use.

During this Saturday session, we filmed an update of the project, and if you’re curious…here is a “behind the scene’s shot” of our talented man behind the camera.

Excellent work Jason!

At the end of this work session, we had the left wing skeleton riveted together!

Our next session was after Thanksgiving, and the lessons and skills learned on the left wing turned in to fruit quickly on the right wing. In a short three hour work session, we had gone from new parts on the table-

Working diligently on drilling and deburring…

…to a wing skeleton cleco’d back together, ready to rivet next time!

This coming Saturday work session will see that right wing skeleton riveted, and then we will start the wing skinning chapters!


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