Skinning the right wing

Skinning the wings is not something I thought we would be doing before Christmas! But because the team skills have built quickly, and we have consistent participation each and every session, being ahead of schedule by a good margin is the result.

The Saturday morning work session was fully dedicated to riveting the right wing skeleton, and we had just enough time at the end to get the wing skins out and begin drilling the skin stiffeners.

Wednesday evening got off to a quick start by finishing the stiffeners and walking the skin over to the main work bench to lay it in place. We had to make some small trims on the stiffeners to get them to slide over the ribs.

With the skin in place, it was time to get to drilling…LOTS of drilling. The are a number of skins that make up just the bottom side of the wing, but if the instruction manual is followed step by step, it’s an easy process.

At the end of the Wednesday night session, we had all four bottom wing skins drilled in place!

The next session will see the wing flipped over to begin skinning the top side. Progress continues to be ahead of schedule, and there are fewer and fewer questions being asked…which is a great thing because we are creating a team of experienced builders that are learning the skills! It also has been amazing to see the number of staffers that show up for a build session. Even when there is nothing to do but watch because the part is a one or two person job, we are all hanging out and having a great time learning by watching.

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