Bottom right wing skin done, flip, repeat.

This entry covers four working sessions over the last two weeks…Skinning the wings is a big step and a big motivator. It’s also┬árepetitive, and keeping focus has to be on the forefront of a builders mind. It’s not as bad a building wood ribs, or banging out metal ribs on a forming block (which is a different kind of fun), but repeating anything can be a chore at times.

EAA staff builders are plowing right through it though. We ran through the deburring session in what had to be record time with so many people on hand, and riveting began immediately after getting the skins cleco’d back on.


Of course, there will be the inevitable miss-pull with the air riveter when the cutoff wheel had to come out…



…but that’s all a part of it. You don’t just build the airplane one time. In a matter of an hour or so, we had the bottom right wing skins riveted in place.



Time to flip the wing over and install the flaperon arms.


IMG_4124 _MG_4202 _MG_4201


With the four flaperon arms installed, attention turned once again to the skinning process, this time the top skins.



Drilling the skins took some time with a small crew during our last work session, but we kept on moving along, and had the two main top skins drilled by the end of the Saturday morning session.

_MG_4232 _MG_4244


I’ll do one more update prior to the upcoming holidays…so see ya in a few days!


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  1. Robert Martin says:

    Great work! So glad to see all the progress. I know all of you will be proud of your dedication to see a completed aircraft, and will gain a good education in the process.

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