Right wing nearly complete, back to skinning the left

The holiday’s are now past us and we are going full steam ahead on the Zenith 750. The plan to work in one session over the holidays was thwarted by a snow event that wasn’t in the forecast and kept us out of the hangar, so we did lose one work day. However, coming back strong after the new year last night, we worked on the root skins and the wingtip supports on the right wing.

Getting the root skins to fit was a challenge, but the team did a fantastic job of getting it to fit properly after making several adjustments to get the oil canning tendency removed.



The leading edge root skin is rolled around from the bottom, so the wing had to be moved slightly off center from the table to get access for clecoing and drilling.


Lucas Hartwig, EAA’s SportAir Workshop Logistics Coordinator, drills out holes in the root skins. If you’re reading this thinking “I should take one of those workshops”, I have a link for you! SportAir Workshops 2013 kickoff is right here in Oshkosh, and there are slots open in a few classes. The full schedule for 2013 is nearly complete, so take a look at a destination near you, and sign up!


With the root end drilled out to full size, the tip end needed the wingtip supports drilled to the front and rear spars.


And with that, the right wing is to a point where it was time to move it for storage. We plan to get the left wing brought up to this point when we can deburr both sets of skins, and then begin wiring and fuel system installations simultaneously.

The storage location is next door in EAA’s Marks Hangar, and the team gently moved the wing across the icy snow-packed ramp….


…up the stairs inside…


…and on to the awaiting table for storage.


Back over at the work station, the left wing came off the storage rack and set back on the table where we will begin skinning it over the weekend.


We’ve seen this picture before, haven’t we???

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359 Responses to Right wing nearly complete, back to skinning the left

  1. trkpilot@gmail.com says:

    Well, this looks like a major project…more than I thought it would be :-(

  2. Rick A says:

    Be Interesting to learn what the solution to the “oil canning” was and how it was done. “Several adjustments” is not very illuminating.

  3. Chad Jensen says:

    Good question Rick, and I apologize for not mentioning what they did. It was iterative process of bending the root skin attach angle and the small root rib flange to get the skin to lay as designed. It took a good 5 or six times of skin on skin off to get it right, but it was worth it in the end ‘cuz it turned out great! The oil canning kept occurring near the middle of the skin, so that’s where they concentrated the bending. Cheers! Chad

  4. Roger H says:

    Been looking into building a 701/750/801 or possibly a Kitfox but it would have to be a one-man operation, unfortunately most folks I know think flying is for the birds…just curious if that’s feasible given that many of your photo’s leave the impression that it would require a team to complete most operations. Is that impression correct or can one person actually complete what’s been shown so far in your narrative?

    • Chad Jensen says:

      Easily a one man job Roger. This kit is very well engineered, and because it is built with blind rivets, it’s 100% doable by one person. It just goes faster with a team, and our goal here at EAA with this project, is staff education. Cheers!

  5. bud says:

    I,m scratch building my 750 and one and 1/4 year later I,m taking on the task of building the wing.The progress made on the EAA 750 is going to be a big help.Zenithair was picked on my end due to the fact you can scratch build or buy a part that you don’t have the tools to build.So far I have only bought supplies and aluminum. eaa 328 chapter vice president Bud

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