EAA Staff 750 Video update 3

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  1. Bob Collins says:

    A Packers jacket? Really, Chad? A Packers jacket?

    • Chad Jensen says:

      Of course Bob! It’s required to live here! ;o) Actually liked the Pack before I moved here, but it was really easy to become a hard core fan living here!

  2. Gerald Althouse says:

    Not viewable on ipad2

    • Nicholas Galladora says:

      Flash Video.

      Sorry kiddies, but Apple products don’t support flash. Not the EAA’s fault, Steve Jobs stubbornness is to blame.

  3. Chet Hartley says:

    Not able to view on IPhone

  4. Chad Jensen says:

    Thanks Gerald and Chet. We have a choice to make in formats. The high resolution version as posted looks fantastic on a computer but isn’t viewable on the iPhone and iPad. The low resolution version is, but looks bad on a computer. I think I can post the other version in a new post tomorrow, so watch for that. Sorry about that…from a fellow iPhone and iPad owner…chad

  5. Waldo EAA 9912 says:

    What are going to do with the finished plane? You can’t fly it. It’s too dangerous. Those of us out in the field are not allowed by National EAA to have Chapter Projects or Flying Clubs. Maybe you guys are special…

    • Chad Jensen says:

      Hi Waldo, the airplane will go in to the EAA employee flying club when it is finished. We got the flying club up and running last year as a study in how we may be able to model a flying club for chapters. It has worked well so far, and we will continue our efforts to make that happen.

      But, you can have a chapter project, it just can’t be owned by the chapter when it is finished…yet.

  6. Jim Faix says:

    Who actually owns this plane?

  7. Chad Jensen says:

    Try this link to the EAA video page…it played on my iPhone and my iPad just fine-


  8. Bob Collins says:

    Ha! I’m just funnin’ with you, Chad. I know a Packer jacket is Wisconsin’s version of a passport. Nobody gets in w/o one. BTW, Wayne Larrivee, Pack announcer, is a good friend from college. He’s a Massachusetts boy. Was a Pack fan when he was a kid. We had dinner here the night before the Packers played the Vikings a few weeks ago. He’s a heck of an announcer. Gotta give the Pack credit; they do everything right.

  9. Jim House says:

    Where can we get more information on the EAA’s flying club model?

  10. ChadJensen says:

    Hi Jim,

    We just launched it this past June and we want to get a good year of operating under us before we make any formal information available. Insurance for chapters is, of course, the big thing. As soon as we can, we will move forward with providing info on how we think we can make this work. Thanks!

  11. Doug MacDonald says:

    Guys, as an experienced Zenith builder (one scratch and one kit), I noticed a bit of an issue in the video. You are being a little aggressive with your swivel de-burring tools. Be careful or you’re going to end up with oversized holes. The easiest way to de-burr 6061-T6 is to run a fine file flat over the surface. You don’t have an alclad layer (like on RV products) to worry about damaging so a few minor surface scuffs will not hurt anything.

    Otherwise, looks like everybody is having a fun and educational time, wish I was there to help.

  12. Jack Gress says:

    Winds 8 won’t show the void. Or this new pad is still learning how to do things. Will try it on my old desktop.

    Jack Grass 1/26/13

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