Left wing top skins, making flaperon parts

Our one and only session this week was well attended, despite the un-forecast blizzard-like conditions outside. And while there was a mountain of drilling on the agenda, we got through most of it. The top main skin, inboard and outboard nose skins, and the fuel tank skin were all put in place to begin drilling.

_MG_7465The first thing on the list was to drill the top skin stiffeners in place.

IMG_7507Then we drilled the rear spar channel to the trailing edge and main skin. The team measured out the proper 80mm spacing between the center hole of the flaperon arms to the trailing edge and drilled the first couple of holes to “tack” them in place. Then the real drilling began…

_MG_7525Once the trailing edge was set, the ratchet straps came back out and the nose skins were wrapped around the nose ribs to be drilled.

_MG_7652A view down the trailing edge…


Again, there is an opportunity to twist the wing at this stage, so after the straps were snugged up, we double checked the wing for level on each end. This time it was good (using a digital level, recall on the other wing we were off by more than half a degree and corrected) and the nose skins were drilled.

_MG_7686While the left wing was being worked on, the other work bench had action as well. Jeff and Brandon were busy fabricating parts for the flaperons.

_MG_7574_MG_7602The brackets were made from angle part stock. No prepunched holes on these parts, and some cutting and smoothing had to be done for them to fit properly. All part of the plans of the kit.

_MG_7608The brackets being drilled in to place were initially drilled to #40 holes, then to #20 holes, deburred, and then cleco’d back in place to be riveted next time.

All in all, a great night of progress on a short week. The second workbench is going to really help speed up the next couple of chapters prior to starting on the fuselage.

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337 Responses to Left wing top skins, making flaperon parts

  1. Lee DeLano says:

    Our EAA Chapter would love to build a project also – how can we proceed? Who owns the project? How does FAA view the construction of 51%? Please tell us how.

  2. Chad Jensen says:

    The chapter can build the airplane and own it while it is a project. The 51% rule applies to amateurs building the airplane, not to a single person. At the end, when it becomes an airplane is when is has to come out of chapter ownership and an entity, group, or single person would have to own it.

  3. gilesaj says:

    Can one person with minimal experience construct the CH750 kit on their own? I thought that the kit was pre drilled, but looking at your pages it seems that there are alignment holes and they still need drilling to the correct size ???

    • Chad Jensen says:

      Absolutely! This kit is geared toward one person building it. In order to achieve the 51% rule, the holes are pre-punched undersized so the builder still has to drill the holes to final size. People with zero build experience successfully build Zenith aircraft all the time. It’s a very straightforward kit and builds very quickly. Go for it!

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