Playing catch up!

Even though the blog hasn’t seen an update over the last couple of weeks due to the author (me) ¬†traveling for EAA SportAir Workshops, the 750 project has been making headway and catching up on some lost time due to weather lately.

The team has been working on getting the right wing caught up to the left wing, which happened a couple of weeks ago, and the flaperons are the new focus on the work benches now.

_MG_8468Our “resident 750 expert” Tracy Buttles joined the build team this past Saturday morning to provide some oversight, and give the team a boost on production (he can work fast!).

_MG_8623The flaperons have proven to be a good change up from the wings, and because there are multiple pieces, we have multiple stations working away.

_MG_9013The parts go together so quickly that once we get to the deburring stage, it feels like someone has slammed on the brakes. But with so many people working on it, it does go by very quickly. (You, as a single builder CAN DO THIS…many people have, and many people will!)

EAA’s IT Data Analyst Matt Smith showing some drill skills.


Yours truly swiveling the deburring tool…and apparently enjoying it!

_MG_9126Once ¬†deburring and reassemby took place, riveting once again commenced…our father and son team shoot ‘em up!

_MG_9174I will be out of town yet again this weekend for an EAA Grassroots Pilot Tour Stop on the west coast, but the team will continue with the work finishing up the flaperons and starting the slats…then the fuselage fun will begin!

See ya next week!


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  1. David DeAvila says:

    Great work! Looks like a ton of fun!

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