Flaperons almost done, and we have a first flight!

Okay, so not a real first flight, but let me be the first to announce that EAA’s Jonathan Harger has become the first person to fly a piece of the 750!

IMG_0093Before that happened, the team was busy finishing the flaperon parts. We do love to have a good time, and the fact that building an airplane occurs at the same time is a great combination!

_MG_9664The process of getting the flaperon parts in the proper order was a bit of a challenge for us, but more people learned to really read plans to make sure all of the parts where where they should be. There were a couple of mistakes where we had to drill out a nose rib or two, but nothing major to fix.

_MG_9579After the Saturday build session, half of the flaperons had been riveted together.


The Wednesday build session saw the other two pieces finished up.

IMG_0016These are fairly straight forward parts to build once the inboard and outboard sections are identified. The next step, and last step before starting on the fuselage is to build the leading edge slats. Those should go fairly quickly as they are simple parts…with fewer parts to drill and deburr.

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40 Responses to Flaperons almost done, and we have a first flight!

  1. LOL! The “first flight”; a day that will go down in infamy, and I was lucky enough to witness it.

  2. Tony Lam EAA 050685 says:

    At least the airplane use quieter pull rivets. Using Michelle Holt’s theme, I don’t want to use regular rivets, and then having to say “we have awaken a sleeping giant (my neighbor) and filled him with terrible resolve”

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