Before we get to the last couple of weeks of build update, I have a major announcement to make! One of our regulars…actually, he’s been to every build session we’ve had…Jerry Paveglio, has just become a private pilot!!! Congrats Jerry! We surprised him with a pizza party on a Wednesday night work session.

_MG_0884While celebrating his new found freedom of flight, we did get some work done on the slats. _MG_0933We continue to have great turnouts for the build sessions, and though I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, the group has taken charge and worked diligently to get through the slats in a matter of a couple of weeks.

_MG_1083 _MG_0978 _MG_0994 _MG_1094As has been a regular thing while working on the slats, several work stations were set up so everyone had someplace to put a cleco in or drill holes or deburr. The slats did prove to be challenging to build with very specific directions laid out in the manual. We missed a crucial note when assembling the first one and didn’t celco the ribs according to that instruction…it didn’t work out quite right, but we did catch it before we got too far, and no parts needed to be replaced. Once we had that little detail in mind (cleco the ribs one cleco at a time span-wise, not down each rib), things went smoothly…for the most part. Getting those ribs lined up was a bit of a challenge.

_MG_1017 IMG_1859 _MG_1913We’ve had more new faces show up at the build sessions from the publications team to the VP of HR, and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their time. We’ve also had more family members join us from time to time. Here is Kyle Voltz and his dad, Doug, who lives out of state but was visiting for the weekend.

_MG_1363Here’s a great picture of our workshop space…can’t complain one bit about the facility we are able to use, and the ambiance provided by the airplanes that are kept in this hangar…B-17, Ford Tri-motor, P-64, Fairchild 24, parts for a R-4360, and a Standard J-1 being restored is really something special. It’s really quite a sight every time I walk in to the hangar…If you’re in Oshkosh, and are an EAA member, you must stop by the Weeks hangar to check it out.

_MG_1881At the end of our build session last night (3/6), the team had successfully completed all four slats! The light reflections are interesting in this picture, but they all did turn out just fine and will fly as intended!

photoThe fuselage starts on Saturday!


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2,169 Responses to Slats…complete!

  1. Tony Lam says:

    The slats you can store it away somewhere. The Zeniths would fly without them, several did with no bad manors, you gain a bit of speed and ground roll, wing VGs may minimize it.Those slats are partly for looks and to grow hair on the pilot’s chest…..see how tough I am!!
    Where in the panel will you mount the calendar………for airspeed indication???!!
    I will not likely use an 0-200, it is just too expensive.To buy and to maintain.

  2. JamesBryson Culp says:

    O-200 and its newer variants are fine engines. Worth the engineering and cost.

  3. Waid Reynolds says:

    Great work folks! It’s been very interesting to follow your progress.

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