The fuselage has begun!

The fuselage has begun! We got a great start on the fuselage this past Saturday when veteran Zenith builder Tracy Buttles came over from Iola, WI to help us make up some time. Part of the build team on Saturday got started on the bottom skin of the tail cone, while Hal Bryan and Matt Smith started tackling the firewall.

_MG_1974The bottom skin was laid out on the main workbench, and we quickly began making the L angle stiffeners to drill and cleco to the skin.

IMG_2028Tracy Buttles (left) and EAA graphic designer Chris Livieri work on marking stations on the tail cone skin.

_MG_2352Over on the side workbench, Matt and Hal worked on drilling the firewall stiffeners and angles. By the end of the Saturday session, we had the firewall well underway, and the entire bottom skin drilled to the stiffeners.

IMG_2068 IMG_2062 IMG_2060On the Wednesday evening session, we took the skin and stiffeners apart to deburr, which took half of the three hour session. We then cleco’d it all back together and got it riveted!

_MG_2456 IMG_2494The firewall is nearly drilled out to fill size, and the next session will see the start of the tail cone side skins.



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205 Responses to The fuselage has begun!

  1. Bruce Windom says:

    I am sooooooo envious of your work crew. Really wish I could make half that progress in twice the time.

  2. Patrick Borton says:

    Looking good! I’m on the instrument panel and avionics on a 750 right now. Fun project!

  3. Tony Lam says:

    The 0-200 is a classical aircraft engine, only 100 HP, and it is expensive, you have a group paying for it. I hate things like magneto overhaul at 500 hours.I eventually want to put mine on amphi floats, maybe the extra 25 HP would minimize the 10 %+? loss in performance and payload as normal for floats.With a group, it is better to have something standardized and headache free.
    Zenith supply everything.Don’t forget, for each engine choices, I have to allow at least $5000 for mount, accessories, cowling etc.some don’t even come with intake exhaust manifold.
    The other choices I checked are just as expensive, or worse(914) and some are the wrong RPM,
    3300, but liquid cooling allow for a much better cabin heater, especially for Northern US, and YYZ
    I seems to notice a lot of Subaru people had gone out of business.Rotex Jabiru and UL’s are weight champions. I don’t know what I will get, I will wait till time I get to that stage to see what is available.Zenith allow 140 HP and 280 lbs for me to play with.I heard of at least one 0-320 installation, so you lead shot the tail end.I am willing to do more than bolt the engine on and hook up the lines.I even saw a turbine installed in these planes. Does that means it had to be certified for bird strikes……….from the rear!!??

  4. Tony Lam says:

    You guys would love to work with the galvanized steel firewall, I hate working with stainless steel.or titanium etc, That is cheaper too, and I don’t need colbalt drill bits. One advantage of a lighter engine is they have to be mounted further forward,Allowing more room to get to the back of the engine.Here is where the 0-200 have no advantage.

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