Major fuselage progress!!

I’ve been away from the build for a few sessions again, but the progress made on the fuselage has been phenomenal!! The build team has been so passionate about getting things done, and always open to the new folks who are still streaming in. In my absence, our team leaders Jerry and Tim have taken the reins and brought the fuselage from a flat bottom skin to something that is really starting to look like an airplane. Our friend Tracy Buttles has also been on hand to keep the pace up as we move in to spring. Take a look at the pics below, and watch the time lapse video to see how far we’ve come in a matter of weeks.

The fuselage sides cleco’d in to position with many holes drilled to #30 already.

_MG_3318 Some trimming was needed of the angles along the side fuselage.

_MG_3771 _MG_3384 Moving the side panels is definitely easier with two people at this point.

_MG_3623 The workbench has now become a real work station as standing on it became a much easier option for working on the tail cone as it becomes larger and larger…more airplane-like.

_MG_3866 _MG_3840After being gone for three sessions, I am really looking forward to getting back to the project this weekend…


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302 Responses to Major fuselage progress!!

  1. Pieter Gent says:

    Please do not rely on spell check when proofreading your articles. You mean “reins” not “reigns”
    The refers to control of a horse or project and the other refers to a monarch ruling a country.

  2. ChadJensen says:

    Good catch Pieter, thanks!

  3. Chris says:

    Great Pics… Love the feeling of a project that is progressing.

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