Fuselage drilling and riveting the tail cone

The last two build sessions on the 750 have been great for motivational and visual progress. On Saturday we had a fairly small team there to work on the project, but it was Easter weekend. We were able to get all of the tail cone panels drilled, and all but the top skin deburred. With a smaller crew, I was able to jump in on some of the drilling!

IMG_4356EAA SportAir Workshop Coordinator Jennifer Bork works on deburring parts…

IMG_4370And then finishes up the morning session with some riveting on the bottom skin with EAA South Maintenance extraordinaire Jerry Paveglio.

IMG_4415The Wednesday session started with clecoing angle pieces back on the right side skin and deburring the top skin. Here EAA SportAir Workshop Logistics Coordinator, Lucas Hartwig and EAA Sign Graphics guru Jeff Benedict cleco angles under the shade of the TriMotor.

_MG_4515EAA MSR Brandon Scott and Pioneer Airport manager Jim Casper work away on deburring the top skin.

IMG_4485EAA Museum Educator/Administrator Max Platts works on riveting the right side skin…with three air riveters working away, this went really quick!


IMG_4364With both side skins riveted, the top skin was laid in place.

IMG_4749And by the end of the build session, we had the tail cone riveted together.

Fuse coneNext session will see work on the baggage area and more firewall work. This month is looking to be a great month on the 750!

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  1. Tony Lam says:

    I found an FAA certified engine I could use. Franklin 125HP engines are available in the US again, at about 1/2 the price of a 0-200,and it is supposed to fit the same mount.The engines are made in Poland, distributed by new people, There is a lot of unknowns,like reliability of parts and services, is a quiet muffler available, which I hope would be more clear by the time I need an engine.This engine like other 2 makes, badly need modernization. Fuel injection and electronic ignition are readily available for experimentals..
    The Rotax is same HP, 80 lbs lighter, but I still prefer the extra HP for future amphi float
    operations.I try to avoid the high rpm (3300) and turbos for this plane.
    Tony Lam

  2. Lary Hatfield says:

    Southern Aero in Thomasboro, NC. is a source and shop for Franklin engines, I have a rebuild engine from their shop and I am vary happy with their work.
    L. Hatfield

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