Start of the baggage wall and center section

The Saturday work session this week was a productive one despite a smaller work group…it was a rainy Saturday and perfect weather to build an airplane! We began by deburring the main spar carry through parts and then riveted those together.

photo 4At the same time that was being worked on, Jim was working on the stiffeners for the baggage wall and Hal was working on “his” firewall.

photo 2 photo 1About half way through this session, the center section parts were located and we cleco’d it all together. This was a great piece of motivation to see!

photo 3Ending up at this point at the conclusion of that session was really cool to see, and made for a great spot to pick up again on Wednesday. The group (small again due to inclement weather in Oshkosh) went right to work on drilling out the center section.

IMG_4998 _MG_4982Matt was busy working on “his” firewall (we call it Hal and Matt’s firewall because they are the only one’s who have worked on it, and it looks fantastic!!).

_MG_5046Another important piece to note going in a bit earlier than the instructions indicate is the torque tube for the flaps. It’s much easier to install at this point than waiting until after the baggage area is completed. This picture was taken after the tube was installed, as well as the rear baggage wall.

IMG_4966This Saturday (the 13th) is Chapter 252′s annual pancake breakfast in honor of Steve Wittman’s birthday, so if you’re in the area or want to fly over, stop on by the chapter hangar for pancakes and then come check out the Zenith!

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