More work on the firewall and cabin section

This week the cabin section, or center section of the 750 moved from it’s own workbench to the main workbench to be mated to the rear fuselage, and Matt worked more on the ‘Matt and Hal’ firewall to get it fully drilled out and ready to deburr.

Here we are working on the center section just before it made it’s move to the main table.

_MG_5468Then the team worked together…and it worked really well to work as a team on this part…to get the center section slid in to the slots on the rear fuselage.

_MG_5511Matt continued to work away on the firewall on the window workbench. Not sure who has the better view…a Tri-motor and B-17 inside, and an F-86 right outside the window…

_MG_5543The top portion of the cabin was brought over from the other hangar where it was stored, and Tracy began grinding away at the tubes to get them fit up properly.

_MG_5617This was a bit of an iterative process, but we finally got it just right and drilled it in place.

_MG_5639With the center section in place, there are a lot of little parts that now need to be fit and drilled in place. Here, Tracy and I discuss the orientation of part of the seat structure.

_MG_5596That’s about as far as we got on Saturday…the fuselage as we left it for the day.

_MG_5719The Wednesday night session this week was a lot of fun because it was also the EAA Staff “Sparkle and Shine” party for the B-17 before it leaves the nest for the Spring tour. There were a LOT of people in the hangar for the evening, and many people who hadn’t yet had the chance to see the Zenith stopped by to check it out. We did cut out a bit early so everyone could have a chance to work on both airplanes, but we were able to get a few things done on the 750 before calling it a night.

Jerry and I got caught up on the instructions just before getting started…

_MG_6009Then the team got to work on more drilling, and re-positioning the fuselage on the workbench to make the center section more accessible.



_MG_6300There is a lot of drilling that takes place in the center section, but by the end of the night, we had almost all of it done, with the lower front side skins drill in as well.

_MG_6368It’s REALLY cool to see it sitting nice and tall on the workbench, and one can truly start to envision what it will look like very soon when it’s on its own three feet!

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356 Responses to More work on the firewall and cabin section

  1. Tony Lam says:

    Soon you will be able to sit in it making airplane noise. Many of us do not have a hangar to work in, much less the huge work bench, I will have to do the riveting sitting on a milk crate, or flip it on its sides, my place is not long enough to install the rudder and engine mount.Did you order the $700? Zenith uphoistery option or you found someone with the skill to do it.So many of you, bound to be one women here that is good at that.Is someone else making the panel cut out elsewhere right now? I see I need something to pop up the tail.
    One thing I like to see is how many persons needed to lift the fuselage (300 lbs?)and plant it on the main gear.That gear spring is quite a substantial piece of steel.

    The Franklin engine option is looking a bit shaky, the company is not st up yet, and it is on sale in the US,(the Company) I am not sure about the long term parts and service. Let see if they show up at Air Venture 2013.

  2. Doug M says:

    Be careful of how the gear channel overlaps the rear fuselage. The drawings are a little unclear and it makes a huge difference when you assemble the interior panels and seat pans. The rear lip of the gear channel has to be on the outside of the fuselage.

    Ask me how I know all of this.

    Doug M

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