Forward cabin, firewall mounted, back to the wings

This week’s Saturday build session brought the completion of Hal and Matt’s firewall, and more progress on the cabin area. The build group on Saturday was larger than usual and with Tracy’s help, we continue to accelerate the pace. _MG_6717 _MG_6736 _MG_6676We had a special visitor to the build session this time as well! In the picture above, the white bearded man is non other than Jerry Graf…a very well known EAAer, member of the AirVenture A-Team assisting with partners of EAA like Ford Motor Company. He also happens to be the creator of Aviators by Design, a non-profit organization aimed at bringing youth to aviation…and they are building their own Zenith 750! Work continued on drilling the baggage area parts, as well as the forward side skins and cabin structure. _MG_6535 _MG_6856 _MG_6736With Hal and Matt ready to unveil their masterpiece to the rest of the world, we mounted the firewall in place…it seemed to take a fair amount of hands to do this, but that’s just the way things go with a large group build like this! _MG_6934Time was taken to epoxy paint the areas of the steel tube cabin structure that were drilled to prevent rust and corrosion down the road. _MG_6731 When we arrived at the hangar on Wednesday evening, the hangar door was open letting in some nice spring-like air, and it lit up the fuselage nicely… _MG_7541With enough people to work on two work stations again last night, part of the group got to work on the cabin area, and another group went to work in the other hangar where the wings are stored to do some deburring. _MG_7615 _MG_7770 _MG_7915 _MG_7968 _MG_7800We¬†plan to bring the wings back over to the Weeks hangar for the next session so we can get back to work on the fuel system and prep for mating the wings once the fuselage is on the gear. Going strong!!

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