Wings come back & we sit in it!

This week we were able to get the wings back over to the main hangar, one on Saturday, and the other last night. During the Saturday session we worked on some deburring of the right wing that didn’t get done before it was stored for a short while.

_MG_0292While that was going on, the fuselage was being worked on at the upper cabin area, and some seat work was done…we were able to sit in it!

_MG_0331The honors for the first try out went to our most regular builder…Jerry Paveglio!

The side workbench was also in use on Saturday where Hal and Brady worked on getting the bellcranks for the flaperons drilled and bushed. Hal proceeded to install them perfectly!

_MG_0424 _MG_0423Toward the end of this session, we just had to set up a test fit of the right wing with several of us “on hand” to support it for the picture.

_MG_0392The Wednesday evening session began with bringing the second wing over to the main hangar.

_MG_0768 _MG_0772The main activity of the evening was more deburring. We had several areas to go over and double check.

Jerry kept hard at work on the fuselage cabin area, while Tim Hoversten and myself worked on getting the cork installed on the fuel tanks to get those fit in to the wings.

_MG_0805 _MG_0858 _MG_0825The next session on Saturday should see wiring conduit installation and fuel system installation continued…and perhaps riveting of the top wing skins. Stay tuned!


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3,077 Responses to Wings come back & we sit in it!

  1. jaksno says:

    What’s up with all that rippling just behind the cabin on the right side? Have I missed that on all other 750′s I’ve seen? Could any of the fuselage flats be creased or beaded? Or would that be wrong for structural reasons?

  2. ChadJensen says:

    Which picture are you referring to jaksno? I see light reflections in the pics…none of the skins are wrinkled. Thanks!

  3. Curtis says:

    After seeing the pictures in May S/A of the project I would not invite you to my shop to work. I saw too many people with out their safety glasses on. One picture shows them on top someones head. The one that worries me the most is the picture of an air drill ready to drill a hole, no one wearing glasses. My insurance is high enough witout having to settle eye injury accidents.
    I realize these may have been photo ops but what are you showing members about safety?!
    ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ Think Safety!

  4. mzm says:

    Hi there,

    This is zihad. Good progress on the project.

    I would like to ask how do you guys managed to install the flaperon control (Mixer bearing and Mixer Bearing Support) as the fuselage and the Flaperon Control cover was riveted ? It is tight fit, and mine is searching way on how to get there.

    Any advice?

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