Main gear on…but not “on its gear”

Last night, the build team worked diligently…and late…to get the main gear attached to the fuselage. Before the fuselage was rolled over yet again, we had work to do on the bench to get ready for it.

My wonderful photographer, Jennifer Bowen, sets her camera down from time to time to stay current with the pop riveter, and there is always someone around to nab the camera to snap some shots of her on the lens side.

_MG_3115Several of us worked on installing the nuts and bolts on the main landing gear steel mounts to attach them to the fuselage, as well as a few other miscellaneous riveting that needed to be done.

_MG_3123Meanwhile, Charlie Becker opened up a box that contained the three giant 8.00 x 8 tires that will be mounted.

_MG_3135Also in those boxes were the split rims and brakes that had to be assembled.

_MG_3182The team was then ready to roll the fuselage over again to finish the bolts and install the main gear legs.

_MG_3302 _MG_3357One modification that has to be done to the main gear is a notch in the flat section to clear, but fit snug, against the attach points.

_MG_3465 _MG_3472With that done, it was time to install the hardware, rubber, and angle that is used to secure the legs. The left side tire was the only tire that made it on the airplane tonight.

_MG_3519 _MG_3533So the gear is on, but after another rollover, it still isn’t quite on it’s gear. It will rest on a sawhorse until next time when the right main will be mounted.

_MG_3553 _MG_3563 (1)Progress will continue mainly on Wednesday evenings for the summer until AirVenture is over, but this thing will be rolling and have wings before we know it!


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