On its gear, and the wings are being wrapped

A small crew made big progress last night! All three “stations” were being used, one for putting wheels and brakes together, the fuselage being worked on at the main and nose gear mounting locations, and the right wing was being riveted.

Here we have Jerry  and Tracy working on putting wheels and brakes together.

_MG_7862 _MG_7942 _MG_8178 _MG_8181Kyle and myself spent the evening working on getting the right wing top skins riveted after installing the conduit for wiring runs.

_MG_8040 _MG_8044 IMG_1576 IMG_1580And the rest of the crew, Matt, Jim, and Tom worked with Tracy and Jerry to get the landing gear fully mounted on the fuselage! It had to be tested out of course…

IMG_1581 IMG_1583 IMG_1596

IMG_1600Great night all around!!



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