Engine runs and wings on!

The last couple of weeks have been quite productive on the 750. Lets start with our engine. Many of you reading this may recall the little Cessna 150 that EAA used over 20 years ago to develop the auto fuel STC. Well, with the EAA museum committee approval and support, as well as a big thumbs up from Paul Poberezny, we were able to secure that very engine from the C150 to go on the CH750. Last week, the crew at the EAA Weeks hangar ran the engine for the first time in 20 years, and it ran flawlessly!

O-200The O-200 will come off the C150 in the coming weeks, and the C150 will go back in to the museum collection with a case and propeller up front. The Zenith 750 will carry the legacy of the 150 with the paint scheme being applied to the 750…an idea that Paul and museum committee love and fully support.

Also in the last couple of weeks the fuselage/landing gear work has continued, and we closed up the left wing.

_MG_9570 _MG_9437Moving ahead to the work session last night, the small crew made big progress! Tim Hoversten, Jen Bowen, and I worked on running conduit and riveting the right wing, while Matt Smith and Tracy worked on the rudder and brake pedals.

_MG_0903 _MG_0983 _MG_1140


After the main wing panels where riveted, most of the crew came over to help wrap the leading edge skins around the wing in order to rivet them closed.

_MG_1048Then came a milestone activity…mounting the wings! We began by re-positioning the fuselage and then moved the wing support stands in place.

_MG_1188 _MG_1223Then came the time to lift the wings in to position.

_MG_1233 _MG_1260With the wings in place, the horizontal stabilizer was fitted too.

_MG_1316If you’ve been reading and following along on our progress since the beginning, you’ll remember that we built three rudders on day one. Well…

_MG_1352…it looks like the crew really does want to built a mini-Connie! Maybe not, but it’s always fun to keep up the fun on a long project like this!



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  1. Tony Lam says:

    Just imagine the rudder authority ! Maybe you can build one more and give the third rudder away to kick start another project.

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