Wings rigged and adjustable seats made

We had a GREAT night on the Zenith project this week. Most of the Wednesday evening work session was dominated by leveling the airplane and getting the wings rigged, but a couple of side projects were being worked on as well. Tom Charpentier (EAA Government Specialist) took care of making the adjustable seats for the airplane, and Jim Casper (Pioneer Airport Manager) worked on the area under the fuselage at the gear channel, as well as starting work on the rudder attachments. Everyone, including a couple of volunteers helped rig the wings. It was a fun night!

Tom’s handy work on the adjustable seat pans..

_MG_8552 _MG_8595 _MG_8677 _MG_8598This next group of pictures are in chronological order on rigging the wings.

Letting air out of the left tire-


Checking the sweep with fishing line strung along the main spar rivet line. We also measured with a tape from the tail to the tips-_MG_8503

Checking for level again-_MG_8519

Adjusting the sweep with a bit of hand hammering-_MG_8590

Setting the dihedral according to plans-_MG_8609

Drilling the front spar-_MG_8629

Drilling the rear spar-_MG_8657That was a fairly stressful, but exciting couple of hours on the project, so to finish out the evening, we test fitted the rudder and cleco’d on the slats.

_MG_8647 _MG_8693 _MG_8716 _MG_8772It was a great night and next time we work on building the wing struts to set things in place for good! That will be in two weeks due to the holiday next week.

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