Lift struts, rudder pedals, and seats

With AirVenture quickly approaching, the Zenith project needs to become mobile so we can move it to the homebuilders hangar for the week of convention (and make room for all the cool performer airplanes that take refuge in the Weeks/Marks hangars). That means lift struts were the priority during our work session last night. Jerry, Doug, Tim, and Tracy all worked on those while the rest of us worked on other projects to keep things moving along.

_MG_9236 _MG_9300 _MG_9480Matt worked on rudder pedals with one of our summer interns, Reuben, and Jonathan had Ruben’s help on the seats as well.

_MG_9183_MG_9339 _MG_9218 _MG_9381While Tracy has built something along the lines of 10 of these airplanes…even he has to consult the manual from time to time…

_MG_9221At the end of this work session, we had the lift struts in place, the slats were being permanently attached, rudder pedals were in, and tail attach pieces were being fabricated. Great progress!

_MG_9499We also shot a video update on the project last night, so watch for that on the blog soon too!

_MG_9199And the other project that is going together next to us will have some exiting news to report soon too! Here’s a peek of what our Zenith project is surrounded by right now…


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