Post-AV startup, front skin and tail surfaces

AirVenture 2013 is in the books and I think we can say with a resounding yes that this year’s event was one of the best ever!

We were able to get the 750 back to the Weeks hangar within the week following convention, and that allowed a few builders to work on the airplane right away. With the summer drawing to a close, I think more staffers will have time to work on the project again and get us moving at a faster pace. The engine is still on the C150, so we are working on things like the front skin, tail surfaces, and wing tips. The panel is also still on it’s way as we await one last piece from Dynon.

_MG_6921 _MG_6936 _MG_6956Matt is always a happy camper with things fit right!

_MG_6993Jerry worked on the jury struts, while Jen worked on the left wing tip.

_MG_6938 _MG_6973 _MG_7003Work continued in the next week with myself working on the right wing tip, Tim and Tracy working on the tail some more, Jerry on the jury struts, and Matt working away on the panel structure.

_MG_7869 _MG_7952All in all a good couple of weeks on the project post-AirVenture!

As I write this, though, I can’t help but think of Paul and the Poberezny family as we all grieve the loss of our EAA founder. Paul passed away on August 22nd, and we all thank him for what he did for aviation and the organization he and Audrey created back in 1953.

You will be missed Paul. Thank you.


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