Windows, baggage floors, wings are off again

Where have the updates been??? Well, my schedule has kept me a bit busy on Wednesday evenings as of late, but fresh off a trip to Reno last week to work the races for EAA, I was able to get back to the build last night. I’ll start with what the dedicated build team did over the last couple of weeks.

The hole to mount the fuel sender was cut perfectly in to the right wing tank.


Jim and Jerry worked away at getting the rear tank rib drilled in place on both wings.IMG_7945

Matt took care to clean up the cabin…it was getting filled with AL chips from all the drilling, and was well past due. Gotta love working on a clean airplane!IMG_7962

Side windows were drilled in place, and the front windscreen was test fit to make marks for any adjustments.IMG_7841Lots of progress by the team while I was away!

Last night we had a nice size work crew around to work on the baggage floors, and continued work on the fuel tank area of both wings.

Matt worked on clecoing the front baggage floors in place. Sounds easy, but the floors did put up a bit of a fuss to get in place.IMG_8350

There is always time for a group discussion to remedy a situation. In this case, baggage floor stiffeners were cut to appropriate length but still led to a minor problem with edge distance on two holes. The team decided a best route of drilling a couple of additional holes, and moved on.





Here’s a nice shot of Jim (with some cool background) working on that tank skin/rear rib area. We had a slight rub on the tank filler hole, so he also worked on fixing that…a nice job I might add!IMG_8356

Here’s a shot of the baggage floors cleco’d in place. It took a bit of finagling, but they are looking great now!


It’s been a great couple of weeks on the project, and there are some big milestones coming soon, so stay tuned!


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  1. Lee Akridge says:

    It appears that there are only a few problems so far with the kit assembly of the fast build kit. However, is Zenith being notified of the parts fitting problems being encountered – If so what has been their response and are they correcting the appropriate parts? As a great company,I suspect that they are glad to have the input and are making the necessary fixes.

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