Fuel tanks, senders, and cabin gussets

Last week I didn’t put up a blog entry because the EAA Employee Flying Club (where the 750 is destined to go) had a cookout, and yours truly volunteered to be the grillmaster for the evening. We did have a couple staffers cut out of the cookout early to work on the 750 to get some things done though. Kudos Matt and Jerry!

It was an absolutely perfect evening for a cookout…

IMG_9107 IMG_9092And an even better evening for some low and slow Cubby flyin…

IMG_9121But back to building a 750…last night we worked on fuel tanks and getting the rest of the cabin floors drilled to size, as well as riveting some floor stiffeners and gussets.

Jim used a sweet little tool to get the hole in the left wing tank cut out. Much slower and safer than a fly-cutter.

IMG_9658I worked on getting the fuel senders installed. The units had already been prepped according to the instructions a few weeks ago, and with the holes cut and cleaned up, it was time to get the EZ Turn out and install.

IMG_9641 IMG_9685 IMG_9717EZ Turn is just nasty sticky stuff, but it does the job of sealing the threads of the screws. Once the holes in the retainer, gasket, and sender were finally lined up (took me a few iterations for some reason), they were easy to install.

IMG_9721IMG_9797 IMG_9855Tim worked on the floor stiffeners and gussets, as well as drilling the remaining holes out in the baggage floors…consulting plans prior to drilling…

IMG_9806 IMG_9832The last thing we worked on were the lower engine mount gussets, but we didn’t get very far before time ran out. Next time…

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  1. Interesting work, I never thinked that the airfoil is too fat in this model!!!!

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