Fuel tank wiring, baggage deburring, and engine mount gussets

The October 9th build session went about smoothly as any I can remember, and with twice as many builders on hand as the previous week. Everyone had something to do all evening long as the tasks in the builders manuals get checked off.

Matt took on the iterative job of deburring the baggage floor skins. Thanks Matt!!

IMG_1119 IMG_1220Jim and Tim worked on the engine mount gussets that attach inside the firewall.

IMG_1255Tim also worked on getting a couple of gussets riveted in place under the baggage floors, where access is only through the bottom hatch.

IMG_1343Kyle worked on the outboard seat belt anchors, drilling them to full size to one of the cabin structure angles and clecoing in place.

IMG_1315And Jerry and I worked on the fuel tanks some more. Jerry took care of installing some fittings, the finger screen (using EZ Turn on the threads), and cutting a hole for the top plug/vent. I made a couple of wiring runs for grounding the tank in preparation for installing the tank for good.

IMG_1215 IMG_1284 Here is our current setup of three stations to work from. It provides just enough opportunity for the group to work and not quite run in to one another. ;o)IMG_1357And for this blog entry, I have a couple of bonus pics to show and talk about, courtesy of our wonderful builder/photographer Jen Bowen…

The picture below captures almost all of EAA for me. It’s a small pic, so it’s hard to see it all, but in this picture is, obviously, the Zenith project, one of our Bell 47′s, an LSA Cessna Skycatcher, an Acro Sport, the freshly restored beautiful Standard J-1, a Stearman (yes THAT Stearman…see that little spec of blue between my head and the Zenith cabin frame?), and a TBM-700 sitting out front. The only thing missing is an Ultralight, of which, we don’t usually see in the Weeks hangar. We have helicopters, homebuilts, aerobat’s, LSA’s, Warbirds, and Vintage airplanes…it was a cool night to be in the hangar.

IMG_1183 And one last bonus pic…yes, that is your Stearman staring at you, but in the foreground of this pic is a volunteer project being worked on. It’s an MQM-58 Overseer drone that is being used to build metal working skills and will go on display somewhere at EAA when done. A very cool project that has been slowly coming together this year.IMG_1195


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