Engine pulled, fairings, and misc. projects

It’s been a couple weeks since our last update, but the build did go on last week and the big news from last week is our engine has been pulled from the C150, and is now sitting next to the 750!


It still has to be gone through before we can mount it…and we need our engine mount yet, but it’s cool to see it sitting there waiting!

Last week the main items worked on were the rudder cable fairings and the UHMW plastic blocks that will serve as rub pads for the control cables where they pass through the empennage.

IMG_2233 IMG_2217 IMG_2231Work also continued in the cabin on the floors…lots of deburring, and the engine mount gussets were still being fitted.

This week I had a larger than usual crew (it’s getting colder!) and while we have plenty to do, finding room for each task to be worked on is the real challenge. We were able to work around the space issue and motivation was flowing!

Up front work was being done on the lower longeron where the engine mount gussets on the inside of the cabin get attached to. We made a booboo by drilling too many holes and one with and edge distance issue, so we are replacing that piece.

IMG_2664Matt continued to work on the baggage and seat floors, while Tim and Kyle worked on getting the roof glass in position.

IMG_2760 IMG_2811They used a scrap piece of acrylic to test the drill bits on before moving to the real thing. We didn’t quite get to drilling the roof glass, but come Saturday we will be working on marking that task off.

Dick and I worked on the top vertical fin fairing.

IMG_2783 IMG_2919 IMG_2926Jerry continued working on the rudder cable fairings and then rudder spar fairing. Below he is creating the channel for the cable to slide in.

IMG_2689 IMG_2949We were going to work on the dual brake kit, but getting more than two or three people in the front cabin area is just too tight to work, so we’ll work on that Saturday.

IMG_2857It was really a nice work session with people all over the airplane working on various projects!


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  1. Doug Decker says:

    Good to see a large crew working on the bird. Wished i lived closer so could be in on the build. But i’ll keep an eye on you guys from here. thanks for the updates. Doug from AZ.

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