Our panel has arrived! Thank you Dynon and SteinAir!

I’ll begin this entry with a big thank you to two big supporters of this project. Dynon Avionics and SteinAir, thank you so much for providing our avionics package for the Zenith!! Dynon has loaded us up with goodies with a Skyview system that includes an autopilot and ADS-B, and the fine folks at SteinAir built up a beautifully wired and harnessed system for us to install.

IMG_0997 IMG_1310 2 1 IMG_1006 IMG_1045This is going to be one fantastic addition to the EAA Flying Club!

IMG_1072After sorting through all of the goodies, we worked on the windshield install some more. We didn’t quite get it installed, but come Saturday it will be a part of the airplane for good.

IMG_1278 IMG_1297Tim and Jerry worked on getting the top window rear screws put in after installing the cork strip.

IMG_1126Charlie worked on the control system and bell crank installations.

IMG_1198Matt was caught working outside of the cockpit last night…no doubt working on cockpit pieces, however.


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2 Responses to Our panel has arrived! Thank you Dynon and SteinAir!

  1. Bob Beach says:

    Combining the great STOL 750 and super EFIS with a modern engine would make an awesome aircraft.

  2. Tony Lam EAA 050685 says:

    I thought with such a simple panel,and the extensive EAA skills available, you would try to make the panel yourself instead of sending it out. Maybe you are behind schedule. You did not say WHICH year Thanks Giving you will have the plane flying!

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