Doors, brakes, started rigging controls

Saturday was a good day on the Zenith, and with Thanksgiving this week, it will be the only day for a blog entry this time around. We had Tracy with us again, and plenty of builders to work on various projects throughout the day.

Hal and Charlie helped Tracy with control cables for the elevator. The guys learned all about swaging and pressing the cables and began routing them through the fuselage and rigging up the elevator.

IMG_1490 IMG_1610 IMG_1496 IMG_1538Hal made the shim for the elevator using some scrap wood and the bandsaw.

IMG_1502 IMG_1507┬áThe stick level method to get the elevator straight is so simple…big empty space in the hangar from the B-17 being gone for the Green Bay Packers flyover on Sunday.IMG_1782Charlie working with Tracy underneath the airplane connecting things up.

IMG_1626Jerry worked on a couple of projects during the day, starting with the cabin doors.

IMG_1451 IMG_1528And then turning his attention to the dashboard cutout that we made for the panel skin to go in place. We needed to make a cover for it, and also make a template for the dash under the windshield so the covering fits nicely when ready.

IMG_1789 IMG_1871Hal also worked on getting the fuel tank skin riveted to the left wing. We used a bit of foam under the skin to keep it from caving inward since there is no rib or stiffener running across the panel over the tank. Worked great!

IMG_1880And I spent most of the day finishing the dual brake installation and getting the pilot side brakes hooked up with the proper hardware.

IMG_1785 IMG_1885With all the happenings in the cabin area, we ended the day with a cleanup…so nice to see how good it looks clean!

Happy Thanksgiving from the EAA Staff Zenith 750 builders!

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3 Responses to Doors, brakes, started rigging controls

  1. Jim Heffelfinger says:

    Do you have any man hour figures? Is there one activity that speeds up the assembly better than another?

  2. Jim Heffelfinger says:

    oops found the hours…. never mind !

  3. Doug Decker says:

    Looking good . The progress is amazing,as it all comes together. Sure wish i lived closer , so I could be part of the experience. HI Jerry. Doug from AZ.

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