Wingtip lights, doors and seats

The last two weeks on the project have seen a couple of sweet deliveries. Our wingtip lights arrived from AeroLED as I showed last entry, and we also got a big crate from Zenith with our engine mount, cowling, and baffle kit!

The crate box is now being used as a work table…

IMG_3631 IMG_3670The wingtip lights were the project of the day for me and Hal on Saturday, working on the right wingtip, and then I worked with Chris and Judy on Wednesday to wire and install the left wingtip light.

Hal and I getting some 22AWG out to run in to the wing conduit.

IMG_3634 Hal learning how to crimp wire and install Molex pins in to the connector…something he had lots of experience with in his Microsoft computer days…only now he is learning how to make them.IMG_5622 The wires labeled at the end to match the colors on the light leads.IMG_3725 This is an odd pic, but is shows the local ground connection to the light mount.IMG_5623 And here is the right light, just prior to installation.IMG_5624 Looks great!IMG_5625 The root end was tidied up in a nice coil with plenty left to run to the buses.IMG_3727Wednesday was Chris and Judy’s turn…

IMG_4114 IMG_4136 My iPhone flashlight comes in handy…IMG_3992 This trick works great to get a washer and nut in place when there is only a small hole to work though. This was for the local ground on the left light mount.IMG_4143 Installing the mount.IMG_4175 Another nice looking light!IMG_4198Elsewhere on the project this week, the seats and doors where worked on quite a bit. Charlie and Matt collaborated on Saturday.IMG_3692Charlie and Jerry worked on them on Wednesday.IMG_4120And Jerry had his own work cut out for him on the door hinge mechanism…there is some figuring to do on these to get them to work properly.


Dick has a choice to make…as do all of our builders to vote on the paint scheme and Nnumber!IMG_3730


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