Engine Mount and Pitot Tube Installed

The new year started with good progress on the Zenith.  A big milestone was achieved by bolting the motor mount to the firewall.

The pitot tube was also on our list for installing.IMG_7812

Tom started the installation of the pitot tube by step drilling a large hole.IMG_7827

Drilling holes for the pitot tube.IMG_7879

Jim worked on some access holes for running various wiring and controls.IMG_7818

Jerry continued to work on the door latch mechanisms.  They now operate smoothly.IMG_7884

The first step to fitting the motor mount was to grind off some of the steel feet to allow the motor mount to rest against the firewall.IMG_7755

Here is a good hint to file away.  We used a ratchet strap looped through the cockpit and around the motor mount to hold the mount in place while we adjusted it.IMG_7797

Tracy drilling the initial marks that were transferred from the holes already in the firewall.IMG_7882

Up-drilling the final holes.IMG_7917

Tracy and Charlie installing the nuts and bolts for the motor mount.IMG_7923

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339 Responses to Engine Mount and Pitot Tube Installed

  1. Pat says:

    Very cool. Congrats. Keep up the good work.

  2. What’s the engine choice?

  3. Jerry Graf says:

    Tracy – Da Man!! He deserves a lot of credit for what he does!! What an asset to have around to help with the build like this!!

  4. Tony Lam says:

    When is the first flight?? By June?? Guess.

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