Doors, Torque Tube and Wing Tips

Last week I was at the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo but the usual suspects were continuing on the project.  Here is a catch up post to bring you up to date.

Just like every project, there is always a fair amount of head scratching involved.  One of the advantages of a group project is you can always talk it over with another builder.  Here Matt and Jerry try to determine the next step on root wing structure.


Dick installed the wing tips on the both wingsIMG_8130



Matt has been working in the cabin area on the control stick torque tube.

IMG_8119 IMG_8280  Grinding the collar that captures the torque tube.  Matt has put some duct tape on the steel part to protect it while holding it with the vise grips.IMG_8200

Collar installed.IMG_8314

Tim helping Jerry work on the lock mechanism for the doors.  There are 3 latches that operated from the door handle.  It takes a bit of fiddling to get them installed just right.


Jim and Tim determining the routing of the fuel lines to the gascolator.


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