Engine Bolted On, Cowling On

Sometimes on your project you work and work and work, and not much seems to happen.  Other times, like last night, you work a bit and BANG!  Big leap forward.

We started the night with the motor mount bolted on the firewall.  Our Lord mounts for the engine arrived from Aircraft Spruce so we had what we needed to hang the engine.IMG_8799

The great part about a group build is you don’t need an engine hoist, just muscle it into place. IMG_8836 IMG_8819

With the lower cowl duct taped in place, time for some fitting and trimming.IMG_8966

Tracey eyeing up the cowling.IMG_8958

Lots of fitting to go but starting to look pretty good.IMG_8989

Tracey laying out where the cowl fasteners will go.IMG_9185

Jerry drilling the holes so we can cleco it into place.IMG_9190

Jim adding the clecos.IMG_9188

Bang!  A big step forward toward a completed airplane!IMG_9249

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