Welcome to EAA’s Zenith 750 staff build project blog! It’s here where the progress of the 750 kit will be updated on a regular weekly basis. We have build sessions scheduled for Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and this blog will be updated each week with the latest news and information on how our airplane is coming together. This blog will be written by Chad Jensen, Senior Aviation Technical Specialist for Homebuilts at EAA, and project lead on the 750.

The Zenith 750 kit was generously donated by the Zenith Aircraft Company in Mexico Missouri. We began the build on September 29, 2012 and our goal is a completion date of Labor Day 2013. Interest among the staff has been amazing with almost 40 people wanting a chance at drilling, clecoing, and riveting the airframe together. Continuous learning and professional development for EAA staffers is what this is all about!

The end result of this project will be an LSA qualified airplane to go in to the EAA Employee Flying Club. The flying club currently holds about 40 members, and an additional airplane in the fleet will greatly increase the opportunities for more flying and more learning.

Join us weekly for the update, follow along, and send me questions and comments along the way. Thanks for stopping by!