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Fuel Flow Test and a Visit from Jack

EAA strongly encourages all homebuilders to perform fuel flow testing prior to flight testing.  Although not required for certification, the time to figure out if you have any fuel flow issues is on the ground.  For more info on fuel … Continue reading

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4 Sessions, Lots of Progress, First Radio Call!

We had four build sessions since our last update.  EAA SportAir Workshop instructors Dick and Bob Koehler were in town over the weekend to lend a hand.  With their help, we made so much progress.  Here are just a few … Continue reading

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Pushing Hard for Oshkosh

Like so many of our members, we are pushing really hard to get done for “Oshkosh.”  The big advantage we have is that either way it will make it since we are on the field.  I just hope it is … Continue reading

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Starting to Look Like a Real Airplane!

With the paint job mostly complete and the wings back on, the project is really starting to look like an airplane.  The best part is stuff is going on and staying on for good! Dennis, Jim, Jerry, and Tracy installing … Continue reading

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Exhaust Arrives, Brake Fluid, & Prepping for Paint

It is amazing how when you work on your project, you make progress! The exhaust arrived so we temporarily fit it onto the engine. Really nice welding on the exhaust. With exhaust in place, we could start drilling the holes … Continue reading

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