Access Panels, AOA Bracket, and Engine Baffling

We are working hard to tie down all those loose ends that are just part of any aircraft build.

Jim making an access cover for the left wing._MG_4976 _MG_5001

Tim making new engine baffling.  The old stuff was pretty beat up but worked as a template._MG_5023 _MG_5060

We are going with the Dynon Angle of Attack (AOA) system.  The mount arrived so we needed to enlarge our original pitot-static probe hole._MG_5071

Jerry drilling the wing skin for the AOA mount._MG_5152

Kyle making a couple of access doors for the baggage compartment. _MG_5137

We ran the rudder cables under the flaperon control tubes which was not per plans. Here Tracy is correcting the error._MG_5111

Tim test fitting the engine baffling while I secure the mixture control with a cushion clamp._MG_5157 _MG_5160

Tracy and Charlie (me) installing the cowl to check the fit.  We had to add blisters for the spark plugs and re-work the airbox area._MG_5294

Looks like it fits good now._MG_5300

Until next time…


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Pushing Hard for Oshkosh

Like so many of our members, we are pushing really hard to get done for “Oshkosh.”  The big advantage we have is that either way it will make it since we are on the field.  I just hope it is under our own power rather than being towed into position!  If you want to see the aircraft up close, make sure you visit the Homebuilders Hangar during Convention.

Tracy opening up the cowl for more airflow._MG_0555

I always like cowls that look like they are smiling._MG_0554

The airbox was interfering with the cowling.  Time for some surgery._MG_0564

We had to cut the cowl to relieve the airbox._MG_0579

Some scrap aluminum and clecos will hold everything in place so that we can lay in some Fiberglas._MG_0690

Time to get the fuel line cut to size.  Here I am trimming the hose to the correct length._MG_0532

I’m tightening up the hose clamp on the Tee connection that ties the two fuel tank lines together with another line that runs down the side of the fuselage to the firewall.  _MG_0796

Tom cleaning up the wiring for the wing tip lights._MG_0643


Tom tracked down the error on wiring the right light.  We had mislabeled some of our wiring flags.  All is good now._MG_0558

Tracy and I installing the WhirlWind prop hub._MG_0729

Blades in place with the bolts going in._MG_0732

WhirlWind supplies a nice laser cut jig for setting the angles on their ground adjustable prop.  Makes it much easier to get it right._MG_0750

Looks nice with the prop on!_MG_0767

Looks even better with the cowling on._MG_0765

Now that the trim pieces are painted, Tracy secures the windshield.IMG_2389

Jerry riveting on the dorsal fin. IMG_2393

Kyle installing the cable for our cabin heat box.  Always fun working under the panel.IMG_2394

I was able to install all the scat tubing for the cabin heat and carb heat.IMG_2395

Jerry riveting the skylight.IMG_2401

Kyle was helping Jerry by holding the washers on the rivets.IMG_2404

Tim was tasked with fabricating a mount for the fuel selector so we could install it on the lower left side of the cockpit.  He used a couple of adel clamps to secure the valve to a bracket he made up.IMG_2396

Here is how it will look in the cockpit.  The slot is for a vertical stiffener on the side of the fuselage.  We still need to add some positive stops for “on” and “off”.IMG_2400

Until next time…

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Lots Done with Lots to Go

We are making strong progress but there just lots of little details that still need to be crossed off the list.

Hal, Jerry and Dick getting the horizontal stabilizer into place._MG_0033

Dick is always using his head to solve problems ;-) _MG_0038

Rudder final assembly._MG_0070

Jerry doing the final torquing of the flaperons._MG_9909

Jerry and Tim torquing the strut hardware._MG_9935

I finished up the throttle and mixture controls._MG_9949

Tim and Jerry getting the flaperons hooked up._MG_9973

We had a wiring issue on the right strobe so Tom had to do some troubleshooting._MG_9988 _MG_9989

Now that the rest of the painting is done, we need to make the doors and trim match.  Here Tracy is laying out the masking tape on the doors._MG_9950 _MG_9953Until next time….

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Starting to Look Like a Real Airplane!

With the paint job mostly complete and the wings back on, the project is really starting to look like an airplane.  The best part is stuff is going on and staying on for good!

Dennis, Jim, Jerry, and Tracy installing the right wing.  While they held the wing in position, I worked the fuel line and wiring through the grommets.  Using water with a drop of soap on the fuel hose helps it slide through the grommet._MG_8544

Dennis and Tracy fitting up the strut._MG_8600

Here is a good look at the aircraft with the finished paint scheme._MG_8728

Here is the top down view._MG_9783

Kyle and Jerry worked on re-installing the baffling. _MG_9790

Matt did the final installation of the control surfaces._MG_9798

Kyle trying to turn safety into a fashion statement. _MG_9844

I worked on hooking up the mixture and dual throttles.  _MG_9848

Here you can see how the dual throttle arrangement works.  Pretty neat!_MG_9755

Tom has been working away on the wiring.  _MG_9759

One wiring milestone was acheived by running the flap motor._MG_9851

Another milestone was reached by powering up the wingtip strobes and position lights from AeroLEDs._MG_9838Until next time….

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New Spinner, Painting Complete

EAA member Allan Barton, who owns Cummins Spinners in Australia, was kind enough to donate this beautiful new spinner.   IMG_0146

Me and Jerry working on getting the correct hardware on the engine mount._MG_8322

Tom is back to wiring.  _MG_8463

The spinner is going to look really nice mounted with the WhirlWind Prop.IMG_0151

Tracy masking off the final black stripe.  By the time this is posted, the wings will be completely painted and drying.  Still a few small parts like the cowl that need paint but the fuselage and wings are done!IMG_2272 IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2269 IMG_2271Until next time….

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